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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pizza #8 - Mushrooms Peppers Onion Mozzarella and a Montforte Dairy Goat Cheese

This is the best pizza I have ever made on the barbecue.  Thank goodness.  I was making it for my wife's friends who had come to visit.

It was made with Lahey's dough, made with bread flour, refrigerated for a couple of days and it did continue to rise in the fridge.

I covered my round stone with olive oil, spread out the dough with my fingers, covered it with tomato pizza sauce, used the mandoline to slice the toppings very thin, put the mushies around the edge as usual so it wouldn't burn as badly, and then put on just the right amount of mozzarella.

But the secret ingredient was a strong hard cheese that we bought the other day at Montforte Dairy run by Ruth Klahson in Stratford Ontario.  I wish I knew the name of the cheese.  I've emailed the owner to find out - and to thank her for making that excellent cheese!  It was hard, like a parmesan, and it had to be carefully grated, but it had so much flavour.  I didn't even need that much of it, to make it the keynote.  It smells so fresh!  I love it!

I believe the name of the cheese is 'Toscano', made from sheep's milk, and named after the official Pecorino Toscano cheese from Tuscany Italy.  I gleaned that much from watching one of the videos on Montforte's YouTube site.

The real star of the best pizza I've ever made: 
an unknown Hard Goat cheese purchased at Stratford's Montforte Dairy

We ate the pizza with lots of salads and quiche.

Notes to Myself:

  • Preheat the first stone in the barbecue 15-20 minutes while you prepare the pizza.  On the second stone, spread some olive oil, and spread the Lahey dough out with your fingers.  It will be a very thin crust.  
  • Top with fixings, making sure that the edge has lots of wet or moist fixings on it.  When the oven is 700+ degrees, slide the stone with the pizza on it into the oven on top of the other preheated stone and quickly close the lid.
  • Resist the temptation to peak at the pizza while it bakes for 14 minutes.  Then, take the pizza and the stone it rests on to the table and place it on a wooden cutting board.  Caution everyone that the stone and the pizza are very hot.  You can cut it, but you probably won't want to eat it for another 5 minutes.  The crust is going to be crisping up as you wait, still cooking on the hot stone.
  • Have some wine handy: even with the wine within easy reach, I burned the roof of my mouth on the hot cheese.  But it was worth it!

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