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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pizza #7 - Tomato Sauce Peppers and Fresh Mushroom 2 Cheese

There was enough food at our 'Chicken Naming Party', an excuse to get my family over.  But I baked a pizza on the barbecue anyway.

This one was a bit too soggy, and I suspect it was because the stone underneath was not hot enough, or the barbecue itself wasn't heated up enough.  We had done some sausage for our guests, and for that you didn't need it cranked up all the way.  When that came off the grill, I put the stone on and let it heat up on max, but I think that it hadn't preheated all the way to 700 degrees yet.

I let the pizza cook an extra 4-5 minutes, but that really wasn't enough to make the crispy crust I was looking for.  And of course, I'd over done the cheese again.

This pizza was special for nothing except it was the first time I used my new Mandoline to shave the peppers and mushrooms.  For that, it worked quite well.

Those who had a piece seemed to like it anyway.  There was only one sad piece left over in the fridge this morning.  But I wasn't interested, I had some bread to eat.

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