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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everyday Bread #48 - Revisiting the German No-Knead Bread, in Whole Wheat

Brot ohne Kneten: German No-Knead Bread Revisited

The last time I made this rye loaf it was with all purpose flour, and I put it into a cold casserole dish.  Despite the failure I experienced that day, I had been impressed with the recipe's simplicity.  Today I wanted to use my fully preheated cast iron Dutch Oven, and I thought I'd just swap out the all purpose and use whole wheat instead.

I should have known it wouldn't rise.  Even though it sat longer than 18 hours.  I'd say it sat about 22 hours.

I folded it twice only on the counter with the pastry cutter, then I formed a boule and set it on the couche like Lahey does.

No rise seen in this dough. It was wrapped 2 hours, with some rye on the couche.

Not quite enough rye on the couche.  It tore a little of the surface of the bread, getting it into the Dutch Oven.

I scraped this dough off and put it into the granola bars.

Unlike the last time I made this (when I used all purpose flour), this time the bread comes out clean, but it  is flat, it has not risen at all.

But look at the rich, dark chocolatey brown of the loaf.  This is the colour that my baking of the recipe for Reinhart's Rye Meteil should have looked like, and never ever did.

This loaf never made it to camping, but was waiting in the freezer when we got home.  The crust, by then, was very hard, but even after two weeks the interior crumb was moist and the bread tasted good.  Rye bread does keep well, but I don't think it freezes well.  Here is a crumb shot.  This bread didn't rise.

Notes to Myself:
  • Set this Rye aside and take it with you when you go camping.  Rye bread is supposed to keep a bit longer than other breads, and actually improve over the first few days.  Test this theory with this loaf, which is made wholly from yeast and no sourdough.
  • Try a hotter oven for the Reinhart Meteil recipes, and don't be afraid to leave it in the oven a bit longer during the baking,  if you want the dark chocolatey brown of the loaf.

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