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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Granola Bars revisited - egg free version

Plenty of Whole Grains here.

I've got poppy seeds, coconut, rolled oats, whole wheat flour, brown sugar, hazel nuts, sesame seeds, wheat germ, flax meal, pepitas.  But you know what I forgot?

What you have here is an egg-free version of the same recipe for granola bars that I made before.  I simply forgot to put the egg and the almond extract in.  Could be why the bars are crumbly this time.

And I was being very careful of the ingredients, too.  I should have paid closer attention to my own recipe card that I'd made up last time.  I was busy weighing all the ingredients for fun, taking photos with sticky hands.

It wasn't very wet because that egg went missing, and it was difficult to get fully hydrated.  I had a small bit of rye dough that I had scraped off a couche from another bread I was baking today, so I tossed that in.  It wasn't enough to add any kind of cohesion.

I decided to freeze the ones that I cut into bars.  There was some crumbly stuff left over and I ate that right away.  Tasted okay, but the one I made last time tasted better.  Was that because of the egg, or had I hit upon a better bunch of grains?

Notes to Myself:
  • Eggs.  Add an egg next time.  Maybe two.
  • What else would bind this recipe together?  Corn starch, maybe.  Or maple syrup.  Or an icing of sorts?  But that would detract from the healthiness of this recipe.  What else could you use?  What if you boiled some cracked wheat or buckwheat and let it cool?  Would the gel from the gums of that boiled grain make the bars hold together better?
  • I actually liked the millet that I put in this recipe last time.  And the quinoa.  And the sunflower seeds.  And you could try some chia, or flax seeds.
  • Maybe some dried fruit would be nice (although mere raisins would be boring).
  • The coconut didn't really add all that much to the taste, I think.
  • What about using cinnamon?
  • What if you baked this and then baked a bread around it?

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