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Monday, May 24, 2010

Pizza #5 - fiddleheads mushroom and onion baked in the barbeque

 Pizza Fungi with Boiled Fiddleheads

The overwhelming taste of this pizza was the jalapeno we used as a topping.  We both agreed that it could have used less, but this was still tasty (my son and I both like hot-spicy, occasionally).  The hot flavour was carried everywhere via the oil.

This is one of those thin Lahey pizza doughs; I spread it out on the round pizza stone, that was covered with a thin layer of olive oil, and baked it in the barbecue, atop the second stone.

This was a fine pizza.  We preheated the barbecue about 10 minutes, until it was up around 600 degrees, and then we baked it for about 10-12 minutes.  The crust continued to bake on the hot stone, even after we removed it from the oven.  So the second slice was even better, since it was crispier.

The edge was superbly crisp, but not burnt.   We discussed whether we would want the whole crust to be like the edge: probably not, since that would make it seem too much like a cracker.  Perhaps next time, we could cut off the heat at 10 minutes and open the barbecue lid, but turn off the flame, and leave it for another 2-4 minutes before cutting into it.

Here are the toppings we used:
  • fresh mushrooms
  • white onion
  • fiddleheads (parboiled)
  • fresh thyme from the garden
  • one jalapeno pepper
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • mozzarella cheese (an afterthought that felt right.  Paul quipped, "Cheese is never wrong")
 Notes to Myself:
  • Next time you try barbecuing a pizza, bake it for 10 minutes blind at 600+ degrees, then turn off the heat completely and leave the pizza on the hot stones for another 2-4 minutes with the lid up.
  • If the edge shows some signs of burning, paint some olive oil on it (this is not recommended, it is just a fail-safe)
  • Use only half a jalapeno (or else, add them after all the other oiled ingredients, since the oil takes the pepper juice and coats everything with the flavour)

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