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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Everyday Bread #26 - HBin5 Beer Bread

So with no bread left, I just tossed the remaining beer bread dough in the same long loaf pan and baked it.  This time I didn't use Reinhart's method of creating a gluten cloak, I used the HBin5 people's method.  It had about the same amount of effect as the other -- which is to say, not much.  There was no oven spring, but my scoring of the top filled in.

I put some cracked rye on the top of it, because it was handy.

This makes for a tiny slice of bread, and yet it is quite filling.

Here is the obligatory crumb shot with some morels I found the other day while out walking the dog.  I'm drying them for later use.

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