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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lahey #9 - Olive Loaf revisited with green olives

Lahey's Olive Loaf with Green Olives

This one was made for Leah and Paul who visited this mother's day.  I was basically just showing them how to make Lahey's recipes, how easy it is, so they can do it for themselves when they get home.  For this loaf, I even used the Bread Flour that Lahey calls for (something I don't even always have on hand).  The olives had pimentos in them.  They made a nice colourful loaf.  Sort of Christmasy.  I won't have a crumb shot of this loaf, because they are taking it home with them.

Notes to Myself:
  • Not everyone likes bran on their crust.  This loaf uses cracked wheat.  What other substance can you use for an olive loaf, that would survive the wrapping with the couche? 
  • If you had something wet for the crust/dough surface -- something like tomato sauce -- how would you proof the dough?  Is there a way to do it without a couche, that would still work?  How about proofing in a small casserole dish and baking it within another larger casserole dish?

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