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Friday, December 10, 2010

Rye Bread with Steel Cut Oats

Rye Bread with Steel Cut Oats

This ugly loaf is one of those fast rye breads that I have been throwing together hastily lately just to have something to eat when I go to work. Nothing interesting here. I tossed in the steel cut oats, without any soaking or boiling of them, just to give the dough some extra texture. I used 1/4 cup of them and then sprinkled some on the surface a couple of times.

I let the dough sit out for a couple of hours before adding the salt. Then I kneaded the salt in and let it sit out for about 4 hours before baking.

This is an ugly grey coloured loaf, probably because I am using some very old motherstarter that I should have tossed away. It was old, but it had been refrigerated. I threw out the hooch layer, and just incorporated the old spent rye.

I am very surprised that the resultant loaf is not more sour.

There was one thing different about this loaf. I tried a rye wash, with about 15 minutes left on the 65 minute long bake. It did turn the top of the loaf an unappetizing grey colour.

The wash was boiling water (150g) and rye flour (2 tbsp), stirred for 1 minute and then left to sit for 50 minutes before brushing on the top of the baking loaf. I coated the bread liberally. By then, the scores on the top of the bread had left deep fissures, and I coated them too.

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