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Friday, February 8, 2013

White Bean Sourdough Raisin Bread

This recipe originated with The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book.  I've made  her Black Turtle Bean Raisin Bread before, and liked it.  This time, I used white beans, and sourdough.

Everything else is pretty much the same.  Except I pre-cooked the beans, froze them, and just thawed them and used them when I wanted them.  That meant I didn't keep the reserved bean water.  Oh, and I used a bit more beans, because I was adding 20% sourdough.  I took the beans to 30%.

300g of white beans, precooked, frozen, then thawed

Teasing the dough instead of kneading it leaves the beans largely intact

And I didn't knead it.  I developed the gluten the Tartine way, through folds and turns.  That worked fine, but the beans stayed chunky.  They look a bit like macadamia nuts, in the dough.

Pretty good bread.  The beans don't have a lot of taste, but the raisins and molasses make this a very sweet bread.  I think it could have used a bit more baking time.  There were spots where the bread sat on the hot stone that didn't look baked through.  I think the dough is pretty wet and needs a lot longer baking time.

Notes to Myself
  • I wonder if dusting and rolling the beans in paprika or cayenne might give this bread an interesting twist.

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