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Friday, February 8, 2013

A Rather Bland Kamut Loaf

Not much to say about this loaf.  Some might think that's a good thing.

Clerk at the store where I got this kamut flour asked me why I use it, and I said that it tastes good, so it is worth it.  However, this time I used it, the loaf tasted rather bland.

Not sure why, exactly.  Was it because my taste buds had been given a recent zing through the increased sour taste of Whitley's loaf, or because of the many garlic breads I've been experimenting with?

  • 70% ww flour
  • 30% kamut flour
  • 2% salt
  • 20% sourdough starter
  • 5% wheat germ
  • 75% hydration


Nothing wrong with these loaves, they were just blah.  Or is that bleh?  Or meh?

Say this 3 times, quickly:

Bland Bread, Bland Bread, Bland Bread.

Meh. I think I heard a 'blah' in there.

Notes to Myself
  • Semolina tastes better than kamut

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