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Friday, January 14, 2011

HBin5's 10grain recipe as an 8-grain with turmeric

HBin5's 10grain recipe as an 8-grain with turmeric

I was just using up this dough, that still contained papaya seeds.  I used a longer basket here, just to use up the dough in a single loaf.

I've always wanted to try adding some turmeric to the interior of a bread.  That was the only plan here.

I sprinkled a bit of ginger in the flour that coated the couche, and you know what?  That is actually the best part.  I think that next time I want a gingery crust like this, I will mix the ginger and the flour completely, and use it liberally to line the couche. 

I love the colour of turmeric, and of course, it is just so good for you. I flattened out the dough gently with my fingers and sprinkled lots on before rolling up the dough and placing it in the basket to proof for 90 minutes.

I also tossed a bit of dill on what became the bottom of the loaf, but this really got lost in the process.

The loaf turned out fine, sagging a bit, but it worked as a stone-baked artisan loaf with 3 slashes.

I think that the golden colour of the turmeric interior is amazing.  Although, it does seem to me as though the colour fades somewhat as the loaf is exposed to air.

Notes to Myself
  • What if you add the turmeric to the dough itself?
  • Add the ginger to the flour that you will line the couche with; or better yet, roll the dough in flour mixed with ginger before proofing.
  • What other spices would work here?

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