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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HBin5's 10grain recipe as an 8-grain with papaya seeds

8-grain bread with papaya seeds based on HBin5's 10grain recipe

This was just a quick bread to make, an everyday bread, so I would have something to take with me to work.  I didn't have time for it to sit, I just wanted to make it and be done with it.  The Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book is always a good bet for this sort of recipe.  I'm still a bit leery over the extra gluten and the all-purpose flour that is used, but anything you make is going to be better than what you buy.

And besides, I've wanted to try some papaya seeds in a bread for a long time now.  Here was my opportunity: we had some fresh ones sitting on the counter.  I tossed them in the dough.

Here are the weights or measures of the ingredients I used:

  • 239g Arva Flour Mill's 8-grain mixture
  • 467g wwflour
  • 310g ap flour
  • 21g instant dry yeast
  • 3g kosher salt
  • 38g vital wheat gluten
  • 873g lukewarm water
  • seeds from one freshly cut papaya, about 1/3 cup (not weighed)
  • some extra flour, and some of my home-made bread spice for lining the couche 

This is a high hydration dough.  I mixed it easily with a spoon, it didn't require me to get my hands in it.  It sat on the counter a long time before I got around to making the dough: longer than the 2 hours suggested in the book.  I didn't refrigerate it before using it, either.

That's one of the reasons why I baked it in a casserole dish, at 450 degrees, 20 minutes with the lid on and 25 minutes with lid off: I didn't think that I would be able to form a nice gluten cloak, and I was right about that.

The papaya seeds taste a bit peppery.  They might give the dough a slightly greyish, purplish-brown cast that is not entirely appealing.  The bread spice, which is more on the crust than in the crumb, merely gives it a nice scent.

Other than that, this is just an okay-tasting bread. Good for sandwiches, or toasted.  This is just one of those everyday breads that is baked fresh, fits into my lifestyle, where I don't have to monitor the dough too closely.

Notes to Myself
  • Try some dried papaya seeds next time.
  • Try other granola-like things, like dried fruit.  What would that be like, I wonder?


  1. Glad to find out your blog, me to a novice baker trying to found out flavor in breads. Like reading your experiments.

  2. Huh! I'm so surprised anyone is reading.

  3. You bet, I have bookmarked your blog about a year ago. At the time I began obsessing with 100% wholewheat sourdough breads. :-)