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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lahey #7 - Olive Loaf revisited

I just made this one again.  Mostly because I had the olives on hand.  And I wanted to know if I had cut into it too early last time, which affected the crumb. And besides, it tasted good last time.  I made only a couple of minor changes from the last recipe: (1) baked with lid off only 15 minutes, and (2) used cracked wheat, not bran, for the surface crust and to coat the couche.  I think I prefer the bran, but I like the 15 minutes rather than 30; on the other hand, it does make it difficult to cut, because the crumb is so wobbly it doesn't stand up for the knife.

Notes to myself:
  • Make this with bran on the couche, not cracked wheat.  Try baking covered x 30 minutes, uncovered about 18 minutes, next time.
  • Try it with green olives so the crumb doesn't look so grey
  • Try folding it in the bowl a few times rather than once on the counter
  • Try baking in a shallower pot so you can better manage the transfer from couche to baking dish

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