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Monday, September 17, 2012

Turmeric in Whole Wheat Bread

WW Turmeric Loaf

This experimental loaf was made to determine how much turmeric a whole wheat loaf could take without compromising the formation of the gluten.  I've used 75g of the stuff, or 7.5%.

The complete list of baker's percentages:

  • 100% ww flour
  • 5% wheat germ
  • 7.5% turmeric
  • 78% water
  • 2% salt
  • 20% sourdough starter
Turmeric doesn't weigh much.  To me, this seemed like quite a pile of spice to add.  But at 7 1/2 %, you can just taste the turmeric.  It is not unpleasant.

I've looked at turmeric in a part-rye loaf earlier this week too.  More info on the benefits of turmeric there.

Notes to Myself
  • The deep golden colour of the loaves reminds me of someone with jaundice.  Have you ever seen a person with jaundice?  Perhaps someone with cirrhosis, or pancreatic cancer, whose skin turns a bright golden?  I am always amazed at the sight of it.
  • This loaf stales quickly.   Tough to cut on the 4th day.   Does turmeric contain volatile oils that break down when exposed to air? If so, perhaps putting it in bread will not give the benefits that eating it in other foods will.   Just asking the question, don't have any answers.

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