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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Day with 4 Loaves

I'm a bit behind in blogging my breads.  On this day I made 4 loaves, the first 2 a 100% whole wheat sourdough and the second two were made with 17% rye.  As usual, I gave away half of what I made.

Again, I am not really learning anything new here, I just required some bread and I like these loaves.

I keep reading and re-reading the book "The Bread Builders"
Someday... I will have a woodfire oven in my own back yard!

Notes to Myself
  • How difficult it is to find someone who will take these breads I bake.  Most people (my family included) are simply not interested.  They would much rather have breads that are somewhat mushy.  Thank goodness I have one friend who is not afraid to try my loaves.  How nice it is to have someone to help me eat some of my bread.
  • My 300th blog posting.  Huh.

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