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Friday, October 28, 2011

Inte-holy-grale 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Another Everyday Bread

My bread of choice lately.  This is just another 100% Whole Wheat Bread, the so-called Integrale or "Holy Grail" of Tartine Bread.


Made with my 100% Whole Wheat Wild Starter Culture, Whole Wheat flour, some sea-salt from Portugal, and water from our twice-filtered sandpoint.

a little bit of flax meal and rice flour on the crust

Simple and elegant.  Lots of flavour, tons of sustenance. 

A Variation of the Tartine Pizza
I tried again to make a pizza with the Tartine Country Bread dough, but I made a mistake and proofed it.  In re-reading the recipe from the recipe book, I discovered that the pizza dough is not proofed, but the pizza is made just after the bulk fermentation stage, at the time of dividing the dough.  And only 400g of the dough is used, i.e. just a little over 1/3.  So once again my pizza was too airy, too doughy.  I made one for me and one for my wife, and mine fell apart when transferring it to the stone.  Tasted good anyway.

I made it with some hard peccorino goat cheese, and some spinach.  I used spinach instead of nettle, and the goat cheese instead of the cheese called for in the original Tartine Pizza recipe.  Also added some mushrooms, some tofu-pepperoni.

All that was left of the pizza after charging up the old camera

Just at the moment when I was putting the pizza together, my camera died.  The focus is shot.  I suspect it is because dough got into the mechanism.  I have moved back to an inconvenient older, digital camera I have hanging around, but I am disappointed with the results.  And transferring the pictures to the computer is now inconvenient and takes too long.

Because of the camera situation I may be at an end to blogging about my bread.  Not that anyone cares.  I'm just doing this for fun, and when it ceases to be fun, I'll just stop.

Notes to Myself
  • You can quit blogging any time.  Maybe channel your energy into something more meaningful.
  • The Tartine Pizza isn't from proofed dough, just bulk-fermented dough.  
  • Make sure that there is lots of flour on it and on your hands before trying to put it on the peel or transfer it.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I really enjoy the Tartine method. Best bread I've ever baked. Best of luck on your baking adventures!

  2. Likewise. The adventure never ends (even if the blog may, one day).

    I have to agree: the Tartine method makes great bread. I do a lot less floundering around now than I did before, although I still like to try new things. I rarely go to the book for a recipe now, but the method seems to be infinitely adaptable to different grains and trials. We're lucky to have found this method. All thanks to Chad Robertson.