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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Irmie's Loaf Revisited

Irmie's Loaf

This is for my mother-in-law, who likes Nils Schöner's 60% Rye with Apple Juice Soaked Rye Berries bread.  I can't seem to wean her from this loaf.  She likes it far more than the last 17% Tartine Rye I gave her.

Here I wanted to see if the Sourdough Rye build would work using the Tartine Wheat starter.  But it turned out I made a blunder, so this is not a good test of it.

Here are a list of things I changed or did wrong, in departure from the recipe:

  • Used a wheat starter instead of a rye starter
  • Waited 18 hours for the sourdough rye build, and it probably required longer
  • Used homemade pear juice instead of apple juice, to soak the rye berries
  • Dumped the rye flour into the wheat flour before the wheat flour had a chance to form its gluten
  • Waited longer in the subsequent steps to get a rise from the dough.
Already a mistake: DON'T mix the rye flour and salt with the All Purpose flour!

The resultant dough won't feel right.

Cooked rye kernels before soaking in juice

soaking rye kernels

This should be AP dough.  The mistakenly added rye has slowed its progress.

Rye berries are sieved


After an hour, still very little action

2 1/2 times as long for proofing, it still isn't expanding

Baked 70 minutes instead of 90, already dark

So I am afraid that Irmgard won't like this loaf too much.  But it will have to do until I get back from our nation's capital and can make her another.


This bread wasn't as good as it could be, if I had made it properly.

Notes to Myself
  • Read the recipe before you begin, you had it written on the back of the card.  The all purpose flour gets elaborated with yeast before any rye is added.  That way, the loaf has some substantial gluten to begin with.
  • Irmie likes the rye berries soaked in apple cider best.
  • I made a soup with leftover grains and veggies -- including the pear juice and other soaker water.  The soup turned out not bad (once my wife had added some spices and salt to her taste).  I'm thinking that the leftover soup can now be made into a bread...

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