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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pizza #6 - Leftovers Pizza

Nothing special.  Just used some leftovers.

I put the mushrooms all around the edge on purpose, to protect it from burning in the 700 degree heat.  That worked pretty good. Here it is before the cheese went on:

It tasted okay.  I left the pizza on the stone in the barbecue after turning it off, and the thing got nice and crispy.

Notes to Myself:
  • I think I have a handle on using the barbecue for pizza.  The more heat the better!  Crank it up all the way, and let the bottom stone (I use an old cracked baking stone for this purpose) heat to 700 degrees F over 10 minutes. Keep the cover of the barbecue down as much as possible to keep the heat inside.
  • Oil the second stone with olive oil, the one that you are going to put the pizza on.
  • Time it to about 10-12 minutes before you even think of opening the lid.  (I set the timer in the kitchen, and take my time turning it on or off, so I think 12 minutes is the more appropriate time.
  • I leave the pizza on the stone on the barbecue, with the cover up, after taking my first slices, but the gas is off.  The crust will keep getting crustier, but it won't burn.

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